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Drew Barrymore blasted for ‘creepy and needy’ interview where she physically fawns all over Oprah


Drew Barrymore’s “creepy and needy” interactions with Oprah Winfrey during an interview left viewers cringing over pushing boundaries.

“Oprah’s body language says it all.”

Ahead of the premiere of an interview with the billionaire media mogul, actress and daytime talk show host Barrymore dropped a teaser clip of the duo fawning over each other’s interactions with audiences. However, the host’s physicality during the exchange was more than many could stand as she began to actively caress her guest’s arm.

“Something that I learned about you, because I didn’t know this detail was that you would spend time with the audience outside of the show you were filming,” explained Barrymore as she held Winfrey’s outstretched hand, with fingers interlocked, pressed against her own body just below her chin. “And one thing that I’ve done is spend time with the audience every day. And I had felt guilty for it.”

As the shot focused on the guest, Winfrey could be seen shifting her posture and seemingly trying to extricate herself from the grip to no avail as Barrymore held fast.

“My crew used to be like, ‘Oh my God, how much time is she going to spend talking to that audience?!” exclaimed Winfrey. “Would she please let the audience go so we can let the next audience in?!”

Enthusiastically addressing the audience, Barrymore traded off which hand was holding onto Winfrey before the guest began talking with both of her own hands as though she were endeavoring to keep them from being latched onto once more.

“That’s why this is so hard to do without an audience, and I was complimenting you on the fact that you got through it without an audience ’cause it’s almost — ’cause you’re not getting their energy. It’s their energy. It’s their feedback. It’s understanding whether whatever you’re saying is connecting,” continued Winfrey as she singled out an audience member “nodding. She’s like the amen choir.”

Another “amen choir” could be found in the comments section where many expressed their discomfort with the interview style.

“Oprah’s body language says it all. Drew is holding on too much. Oprah is trying to release her hand from Drew’s grip. Drew is just too creepy and needy,” said one commenter on Instagram. Another opined, “It’s the way Drew is holding the hand, it’s a physically awkward position for Oprah to be in…she’s got her hand in the air under Drew’s chin…”

“She’s really creeping me out now. It’s just [too] weird,” others chimed in. “The hand hold and the arm being caressed is past my boundary.”

For one, the interaction harkened back to the March interview of trangenderism influencer Dylan Mulvaney, that predated the Bud Light boycott, where Barrymore had taken to her knees in a lovefest where the host had professed, “Do you want to know, ironically, who dislikes me the most sometimes? Myself,” to which the man in a dress replied, “Me too.”

“Weirdest talk show ever… first kneeling in front of Dylan [M]ulvaney, and now this… just weird,” read a comment on Instagram.

The following month, Barrymore would appear strapped to her chair ahead of an interview with former first lady as she acknowledged, “I know that I get too close to people and I’m too much.”

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  1. Oprah is a racist. People like Barrymore are too ignorant to understand that Oprah USES people especially White Women to get what she wants!

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