Michelle Obama reportedly jealous over Melania Trump

Trump shuts down Cheney ‘depression’ claim saying he was ‘ANGRY’ after Jan 6, ‘eating too much’

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Derek Chauvin back in prison after hospital stay for stabbing – family ‘very concerned’ about his fate

Blackburn demands investigation into UN agency employee allegedly detaining Israeli hostage

Kelsey Grammer interview cut short after actor said he still supports Trump: report

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Heritage: Biden wants ‘open borders’ as far south as Guatemala to continue illegal immigrant flow

DeSantis rejects SIX attempts by Kristen Welker to have him condemn Trump’s ‘vermin’ talk

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‘What a strange world’: Snopes under fire from the LEFT over Trump fact-check

NFL feeling heat for ejecting 49ers player shoved by non-player on Eagles sideline

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Self-avowed ‘militant’ John Kerry demands no coal plants be ‘permitted anywhere in the world’

Strange bedfellows: Newt Gingrich join Al Sharpton, musician Al B. Sure! to oppose Medicare cutbacks

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Attack on U.S. troops foiled by drone

Steve Bannon predicts possible GOP ‘civil war’ after House vote

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