Stefanik files misconduct complaint over judge selection in Trump hush money trial

‘Minds aren’t changing’: CNN data guru says Bragg trial isn’t derailing ‘Trump train’

Andy McCarthy says Trump judge’s instructions are ‘antithesis of standard’ as jurors don’t ‘have to agree on’ crime

Jury begins deliberations on convicting Trump after judge gives ‘choose your own adventure’ instructions

Trial expert warns CNN of ‘major flag’ during deliberations that could make it ‘problematic’ for jury to convict Trump

‘Did this backfire on you?’: CNN host asks Biden campaign official point blank whether Trump trial event failed

Shocker: Alleged ‘anti-female, anti-white, antisemitic’ NYC serial puncher hit with hate crime charges

Vulgar rapper Cardi B defends porn as potential tool to ‘teach men’ after Candace Owens calls for ban

Charles Barkley has message for bosses at Warner Bros. Discovery: ‘I can talk to who I want’

Charlamagne tha God simpatico with TDS-suffering Robert De Niro

Dem Rashida Tlaib joins with Wayne State anti-Israel protesters, blocks police from entering campus

Laura Ingraham misses show due to redirected flight: ‘Friendly skies of United Airlines not so friendly’

Michigan detective charged for killing black suspect with vehicle, deputy who killed white suspect walks

Bill Maher pushes back when Jewish actress Sandra Bernhard tries to pin antisemitism on right

Mayorkas claims Biden admin did an ‘extraordinary job’ dealing with illegal migrant invasion

‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean releases ‘Ballad of George Floyd,’ claims artists are ‘afraid’ to take a side

Here’s why a Trump-Florida ticket isn’t so simple

Trump and Biden tied in state GOP candidate hasn’t won in decades

Bill Gates’ ex-wife promises $1 billion to pro-abortion groups, Left-wing orgs

Washington’s Dem AG drops ‘unlawful’ probe into pro-life pregnancy centers after being hit with lawsuit

Mayorkas admits some migrants ‘try to game’ the asylum system

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