‘That would make me gleeful’: Sunny Hostin says she wants to see Trump ‘in an orange jumpsuit’

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to deploy National Guard troops to southern border

Bud Light shells out $200,000 to LGBT business org amid Dylan Mulvaney backlash, cratering sales

Sackler family agrees to pay billions in exchange for blanket immunity for Purdue pharma’s role in opioid crisis

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ‘freaking out’, fears retaliation after narcing on Cuban inmates

An arrest has been made nearly four months after shooting death of GOP New Jersey councilwoman

HS student says debate judge ‘warned’ her not to bring up Trump: ‘She deemed it inappropriate’

‘Pain and sorrow’: California students stage a walkout after school board won’t fly the pride flag

DeSantis takes swipes at Trump during campaign kickoff rally in Iowa

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Trump sparks Twitter battle with his vow to end ‘automatic U.S. citizenship’ for illegal immigrants

Biden DOJ sues Republican gov’s son

Wild video shows speeding car fly through the air like a scene out of ‘Grand Theft Auto’

‘He’s a joke’: Border patrol agents applaud chief’s retirement

LGBTQ+ activists putting pressure on corporations as ‘Pride’ backlash intensifies: ‘You need to be our ally’

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IRS will still receive $60B thanks to debt ceiling deal and Republicans are not happy

Republicans should reject Kevin McCarthy’s sham ‘deal’

‘It’s getting worse every day’: Drug use and crime strain Portland business owners

Enraged airline passenger confronts ‘racist’ man after reading his texts

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GOP Rep slams out-of-touch McCarthy for bragging about debt agreement while Americans seethe

James Comey claims FBI is not ‘a leftist cabal out to get the Republicans’

‘The right thing to do’: Comey defends Wray stiff-arming Congress over subpoenaed doc

West Oakland activists latch on to environmental justice to push for reparations: ‘It still comes down to race’

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Learn more about Jeeng

Target diversity executive demands ‘white women’ use their voice to combat systemic racism

White House withdraws yet another nominee amid backlash over Biden’s ‘climate change agenda’

US electricity bills shot up at record-breaking pace in 2022

Minnesota to provide illegal immigrants with free college tuition

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‘He must be stopped’: Jewish Conservatives launch ‘Jews against Soros’ coalition

Trump’s ‘DeSanctimonious’ jab is actually perfect

Chris Christie to jump into presidential race next week

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