China’s Twisted Balloon | 02-04-2023

Military shoots down Chinese balloon, but Americans are still asking ‘how is this allowed to happen?’

Jury hands Elon Musk huge legal win over Tesla tweets: ‘The whole case is built on bad word choice’

Twitter offers reality check for Dem Rep who compared China spy balloon to US border surveillance

Sheriff announces arrest of two gang members in the horrific ‘execution-style’ killings of family of six

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Rogan: Twitter Files ‘as big a scandal as Watergate’ but there’s ‘no coverage of this astounding collusion’

‘That’s a Biden delegate!’ Tapper stunned by Dem’s harsh reaction to potential primary calendar shakeup

Family of Idaho murder victim fighting back against judge’s gag order, citing First Amendment

Charles Barkley gets candid about falling out with NBA hall-of-famer Michael Jordan: ‘He went ballistic’

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MSNBC guest invokes Ronald Reagan to drag today’s Republican party through the mud

China claims balloon is ‘civilian airship’, whines America has ‘hyped it up to attack and smear’

Maher jokes about Chinese balloon spying on Americans: ‘That’s what TikTok is for’

USPS carrier from New York charged with drug distribution for allegedly delivering more than mail

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CNN senior legal analyst predicts Trump ‘untouchable’ in all key cases including classified docs

Ex-wife of Calif. man who allegedly plowed into doctor then stabbed him to death ‘feared for her safety’

Americans weigh in on current and potential 2024 contenders

English actor claims he knows who took Harry’s virginity, challenges royal’s account of events

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Militant NY couple get a combined 20 yrs in prison for providing material support to Islamic State terrorists

Sixth officer terminated for violating ‘multiple department policies’ after death of Tyre Nichols

Local reporter uses prop to illustrate just how cold the ‘extreme arctic blast’ has made Vermont

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