Pelosi and Tarlov among Dems who slammed Jayapal for sick response to Hamas rapes: ‘This is beyond f*cked up’

Pelosi’s unfiltered thoughts on AOC ‘eye-opening and disturbing,’ in tell-all book shaking up DC dems

‘Special protection for billionaires’? SCOTUS to consider settlement that shields Sackler family from opioid lawsuits

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President of UN climate confab says there’s ‘no science’ behind push to phase out fossil fuels

Biden’s efforts to wreak havoc on Russia appear to have failed miserably

Nun hails legal victory for life, privacy in pro-abortion state

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Cali homeowner kills burglar after 4 armed intruders enter home with grandma, child inside

After Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden has banked on volunteers to rescue Americans from war zones

Just how good are the polls for Donald Trump?

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She had the ‘face of an angel,’ begged Hamas ‘just kill me’: Horrifying details emerge of gang rapes and slaughter by Hamas

Trump has his own scathing speech for Robert De Niro after actor’s latest claim

White House budget boss says it needs more for Ukraine, will run out of money before end of year

3-month old baby mauled to death by family’s ‘wolf-hybrid’ pet

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Learn more about Jeeng

Ex-boxing champ mayor of Kyiv ‘sucker punches’ authoritarian Zelensky

WHOOPS: Dem Sheila Jackson Lee’s ad shows the wrong day to vote. Is that illegal?

Here’s how much crime-ridden DC shelled out in taxpayer cash to repaint BLM on city street

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McDonalds new spin off chain, CosMcs launches first spot, menu uncovers potential rival to Starbucks

Electric vehicle industry faces challenges amid lower demand and falling profits

Pro-Palestinians shriek ‘white supremacist’ at smiling, dancing elderly pro-Israel protester

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