BS daily political cartoons: Meanwhile, back in the basement …

NOT random! Elise Stefanik files misconduct complaint, calls for probe into Trump judge selection

Tell-all book from Hunter Biden’s baby mama set to drop for Democratic National Convention

COVID origins probe uncovers potential lab leak, misconduct, and compliance failures

‘Amateur hour’: Biden admin’s floating Gaza pier problems go from bad to worse

‘Misleading the jury’: Alan Dershowitz says that Bragg’s team told two lies to jury during closing arguments

Bragg’s team — with judge’s blessing — argues unproven claim Trump violated federal law in lengthy closing argument

Jake Tapper agrees with attorneys that Bragg hasn’t proven Trump’s guilt beyond ‘reasonable doubt’

‘Not great’: CNN’s Elie Honig says he doesn’t fully ‘understand’ Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump

‘Unconstitutional’: Letitia James slapped with lawsuit over alleged censorship of pro-life pregnancy centers

‘Making up a crime’: Andy McCarthy says Bragg’s team failed to prove Trump ‘defrauded anyone’

Michigan-based Islamic leader says Muslim rule of America from Congress to White House is on the way

Destiny launches world of hurt with ‘insanely complicated’ definition of a woman

E. Jean Carroll’s attorney hints at going after Trump again after a Memorial Day shoutout

NY Times keeps the Alito smear assembly line running on high with attack on justice’s wife

Trump reacts to ‘raging wussy’: DeNiro gets lit up after crazed Biden PR stunt

Chris Hemsworth’s touching shoutout to his supportive wife treads into cancel culture territory

Secret Service met with Riker’s Island to prep for possible Trump jailing – report

Former top Dem senator says Biden’s ‘most important’ goal is to force Netanyahu out

Carjackers ambush terrified mom, grandma in their driveway: ‘My babies are in the car…’

‘Hero of Israel’ Fetterman to be honored by NY university

Pope Francis apologizes for ‘homophobic’ slur

‘Irish gay rights’ and ‘trans reproduction’: Your tax dollars are funding a laundry list of left-wing books

Defeating the radical left: Chris Rufo talks strategy and resilience

EXCLUSIVE: New study challenges ‘myth’ that US has a mass incarceration problem

GOP House members demand answers about Quantico breach, terrorist threat

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