BS daily political cartoons: Hillary lying in wait

Celebrate short sellers rather than punish them

Exclusive: Border Patrol Chief to resign amid surge in illegal immigration

Chick-fil-A’s woke turn signals larger problem of DEI in corporate america

AOC’s tantrum about side-splitting parody account fuels mockery, Musk tweet adds to hilarity

Trump slams his ‘milktoast’ fmr. press sec. Kayleigh McEnany: ‘RINOs and Globalists can have her’

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Right on cue, legacy media declares DeSantis even more dangerous than Trump

What you need to know about work requirements in debt ceiling deal

Jesse Watters jokes that Kayleigh McEnany is ‘the whitest woman we could find’

Burgum making “major announcement” about presidential race Wednesday

Dean applauded hate-filled CUNY speech; professor calls school ‘living hell,’ faculty all ‘lunitics, pushing for end of America’

Police bodycam shows missing woman on road trip beaten after bystander’s 911 call; she’s now safe

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California sets the stage to charge drivers to use freeways

DeSantis takes swipes at Trump during campaign kickoff rally in Iowa

Trump pledges to end birthright citizenship ‘on day one’

‘It’s a fiscal win’: Former Trump official praises McCarthy over debt ceiling deal

FBI still declines to hand over document on alleged Biden ‘bribery.’ Now what?

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Comer to hold FBI director in contempt for not producing Hunter Biden documents

House moves closer to holding FBI’s Wray in contempt for hiding $5M Biden bribery allegation

Geraldo comes up with bright idea that Biden should pardon Trump IF he pledges to drop out of race

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Learn more about Jeeng

Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade escapes to Russia, worried about being jailed or killed in US

Kohl’s indoctrinates babies into LGBTQ culture with ‘happy pride’ onesies

Biden admin tells adults how to discuss sex with teens behind parents’ backs

LA Dodgers superstar disagreed with team’s honoring of anti-Catholic trans nuns

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Matt Gaetz draws bigger audience than CNN while filling in for Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly

Trans activist glues self to floor during university protest

Sunny Hostin claims white women vote Republican to ‘protect the patriarchy’

Ashli Babbitt’s mom arrested after tussle with foul-mouthed leftist who trashed her daughter

Soros-backed Manhattan DA moves to block Trump’s effort to transfer trial to federal court

MLB pitcher slams LA Dodgers for honoring ‘anti-Catholic’ LGBT group: ‘Mockery of my religion’

Hit Christian TV show defends having pride flag on set amid backlash

Toronto Blue Jays player issues groveling apology for support of anti-groomer boycotts

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