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George Soros’ connections to 253 global media organizations give him international influence, report alleges


Daily Caller News Foundation

  •  George Soros has connections to 253 global media organizations, a Media Research Center Business report found.
  • The report alleges these ties make Soros friendly to the media outlets and give him international influence.
  • “The American public must understand that if they don’t wake up and take action, then George Soros, and people like George Soros, will win, and their vision of the world will be implemented,” MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Left-wing billionaire George Soros has connections with 253 global media organizations, a new report by Media Researcher Center Business found.

The conservative watchdog group alleged that Soros can “mold public opinion on practically every continent” through his international connections, according to Tuesday’s report written by Joseph Vasquez, MRC’s Associate Editor for Business & Free Speech America, and Dan Schneider, MRC Business Vice President. The connections are established through his “multi-million dollar efforts” to promote his “open society agenda” which, according to the report, include “some of the most radical leftist ideas on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT fanaticism.”

“His global media clout is massive,” the pair wrote. “An extensive analysis by MRC Business discovered at least 253 news and activist media organizations across the world financed by Soros’ philanthropic organizations. These groups wield massive power over information in international politics.”

The report also alleges that Soros’ connections with global media organizations makes him more friendly with reporters who may not view him as “a target for investigation.”

Tuesday’s release, titled “Propaganda Czar: Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups to Influence Global Media,” is the first of a three-part installment into Soros’ relationship with the international media.

“When you look at the media landscape today the great bulk of media seems to be talking off the same songbook,” Schneider told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They’re attacks against regular Americans seem to be coordinated and purposeful. So we wanted to look into how this is happening and we’re discovering that a lot of money coming from George Soros goes to these actors around the world, and in the US, who do have a coordinated attack against freedom and against the American values that we all grew up with.”

Organizations labeled to be Soros-influenced included the journalism training organization The Poynter Institute, who reportedly received $492,000 from Soros between 2016-2020 to fund its International Fact-Checking Network, and Project Syndicate, known as “The World’s Opinion Page,” which received $1,532,105 during the same timeframe.

Free Press, openDemocracy, Media Democracy Fund, were also listed in the report. National Public Radio (NPR) reportedly received “$600,000 from Soros’ foundation in 2016.”

“Money talks. What is so clear is that not-for-profits that need resources to keep the lights on, they will do the bidding of their donors who provide their salaries,” Schneider told the DCNF. “That is what we have seen with these 253 organizations that Soros funds. These people at these organizations do the bidding of George Soros on a daily basis.”

The second installment will discuss “how much money George Soros has funneled into the 253 news and activist media organizations in his global media network” while the third will dive into “who in the establishment media are connected to George Soros.”

Soros was the top donor for Democratic candidates during the 2022 midterm elections, reported CNBC. He donated more than $128 million, mostly through his liberal super PAC Democracy II.

Soros has routinely pushed his money to fund Democratic causes, some of which have included the anti-Israel “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement and relief for illegal immigrants in California. His Open Society Foundations also gave $220 million boards racial justice during summer 2020, the foundation reported.

Schneider told the DCNF that “the public needs to understand that democracy can only exist if individuals fulfill their responsibility.”

“The American public must understand that if they don’t wake up and take action, then George Soros, and people like George Soros, will win, and their vision of the world will be implemented,” he said.

The Open Society Foundation, the Poynter Institute, Project Syndicate, Free Press, openDemocracy, Media Democracy Fund and NPR did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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