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FOR almost 30 years I was part of the most successful program in American media history – the Rush Limbaugh Program. Rush – was his own man in every respect. He was his own producer – and his own “talent.” It was his unique analysis of the news and culture that propelled him to become America’s Anchorman.

His show continued to grow from the day it was first syndicated across 50 radio stations until his passing, He amassed over 600 radio affiliates and reached 27 million people a month.

I was one of a very few contributors to assist Rush’s “show prep” routine. I would scour news stories and assemble items I thought Rush would want to see. Many of those items would find their way into his “Stacks of Stuff.” The Daily B.S. is my “stack of stuff.” News items that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. Me – and my team put it together twice a day to bring you a perspective on the news you won’t find anywhere else – and we hope you enjoy it!

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