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New LGBTQIA+ course to focus on ‘inclusive language’ at UMich


Logan Dubil, Campus Reform

The University of Michigan (UMich) is offering a new professional development course this semester that aims to teach those in attendance about inclusive language.

The course in question, titled “LGBTQIA+: An Introduction to Inclusive Language,” “aims to shift our culture to be more LGBTQIA+ friendly,” UMich’s website reads.

“When it comes to attractionality and gender identity, language is so important. It helps us to acknowledge, respect and affirm the diversity of bodies, genders and relationships that exist at U-M,” the course description continues.

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These two inclusive language sessions, one on Jan. 24 and the other on Feb 21., are geared towards faculty members, specifically those “who would like to learn inclusive language in order to build respectful and safe communities.”

Faculty members who sign up for the sessions will not only be taught how to identify and use inclusive language but how to encourage others to use it, too.

The description also hints at a medical-related portion of the course, as it reads, “We’ll also learn how to use them in interactions with patients, students, staff and colleagues.”

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‘LGBTQIA+: An Introduction to Inclusive Language’ will be taught by UMich staff members Jesus Ivan Espinoza and Joe Coeling.

Espinoza is an associate librarian at UMich.

Coeling is a member of the university’s human resources department.

Campus Reform reached out to each party mentioned and this article will be updated accordingly.

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Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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