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Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh



“Greetings to you, music lovers, thrill-seekers, and conversationalists all across the fruited plain.”

As a long-time fan of former conservative talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh, I miss Rush’s greetings and humor and often find myself wondering, “What would Rush think of that?” or “How would he deal with that one?”

In order to fill the void that was left when he died of complications from lung cancer in 2021, I periodically check out other talk shows and podcasts of conservatives including Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Steve Gruber (of course) and Rush’s “sidekick” and call screener (and much more) Bo Snerdley, whose actual name is James Golden. I wrote about Snerdley last year and talked with him about what he’s up to, one year after the passing of Rush.

Listing to Snerdley and his former co-worker “Princess Di” makes me feel a little better when I’m missing Rush because I know that we’re all on the same page. We have one collective hive mind, LOL. And it makes me miss Rush just a little bit less having them around.

Princess Di is actually Diana Allocco and Snerdley calls her his “Domestic Policy Advisor.” She usually appears weekly on his daily radio show out of NYC at 77WABC called “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour.” You can listen to him every day if you happen to be missing his deep and hypnotic voice.

Allocco was Rush’s Managing Editor of the Limbaugh Letter for it’s entire 29-year run and Rush called her “Editrix.” She wrote a great and heartwarming tribute to Rush on Christmas Eve 2021 titled “Christmas Without Rush” and always has great insight and observations when she appears on Snerdley’s show.

Since today is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III’s birthday, I’m missing him a little more than usual. He would have been 72 today and his staff surely would have made the obligatory march into his office with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” which he always jokingly complained about (at least I think it was jokingly).

In January of 2021, Rush seemed to appreciate the celebration a little more than usual and told his audience a few days after his birthday, “The staff constantly ignores my expressed wishes to not make a big deal out of it. This one, however, is. Look, I don’t want to make – but I, frankly, about 11 months ago didn’t think I would see my 70th birthday, so for the first time in my life it’s a big deal…”

I’m sure there are many others who are missing Rush today – and every day. Snerdley told CBN News in February of last year about the many things he missed about his former boss and good friend. Snerdley said, “His laugh. His smile. His humor…His just being Rush. You know, in many ways Rush was larger than life to a lot of people and you could be around him and know his presence was different than most, but at the same time, the relationship that I was blessed to have with him and also those of us who worked very closely with him every day in the southern command headquarters here in Florida, we were just like our own little family.”

Happy Birthday, Rush. Maha Rushie, El Rushbo, The Mayor of Realville. May we all live the lives that you told us we deserved and may we continue to carry your torch of freedom in all that we do.

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  1. Miss you, Rush, every day!

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