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Bo Snerdley: Rush Limbaugh, you are loved, and you are missed!


It has been two years.

It has been long and short at the same time. Two years today, since that telephone call, and the words I didn’t want to believe or to hear. “Rush passed away this morning.”

I know. We are all going to pass. We are all only here on earth for a short time. And yes, I believe sometimes with all my heart, other times with a doubting heart that the Almighty Creator knows what is best for each of his creatures – and appoints their stay on earth until the exact second of our departure.

Still – the heart aches. The mind wishes there had been more time. And there is a feeling of incompleteness.

Two years later – on social media platforms – every day I read posts from people wondering “What would Rush think” about the various news events of the day. Or – I read people who just expressed it with a simple profundity. “I miss Rush.”

So long as there is an America – there will be American heroes. Some are our founders. Others can be found from every walk of life in this incredible, uniquely blessed nation. Their stories are larger than life – they are woven in the texture of our American story.

Thirty-five years ago, many of us discovered a hero on the radio. He inspired. He delighted. He pursued the truth. He told the daily story of America, through the eyes of someone who loved his nation and her people. Was he perfect? No. Like the nation he loved – and like all of us – of course he had his flaws.

But he had a greatness about him – that few of us could ever aspire to.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III. Second-Generation Founding Father

You are loved and you are missed.