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Jimmy Biden and Joey Carter- Praying that history repeats itself


Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

As we all went into the President’s day holiday, we learned President Jimmy Carter has elected to enter hospice care at home. At 98, Carter is the longest-living US president and has enjoyed the most extended life post-White House of any other President. As a one-term president, some reports claim that until Joe Biden’s election, Jimmy Carter was the most unliked President in modern history. His life after Washington was full and rich, including many notable accomplishments, such as receiving the Nobel Peace prize in 2002. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his political career.

Riddled with scandals on and off the election trail, Carter won against the only non-elected President in history, Gerald Ford, who was Nixon’s successor. After Watergate, there was little to no chance a republican victory would follow Nixon.

Carter, known for his gaffes, bizarre interviews, and outlandish views, Jimmy’s popularity did not last. During his Presidency, stagflation was high, inflation was in double digits, tax rates were exorbitant, interest rates were higher than ever, and Americans suffered. Additionally, his international relations drew criticism and ended with the Iran hostage crisis.

The four years during the Carter presidency have been remembered by most as the worst years the country has seen culturally, economically, and globally. However, it seems Joe Biden has surpassed his mentor; the President in office when he joined the senate. Having been given special assignments from Carter, surely the then jr. Senator picked up on a few of his tricks. There is no other explanation for the nearly identical approach to the oval office and the almost identical horrific results.

According to WhiteHouse.Gov, “Carter worked hard to combat the continuing economic woes of inflation and unemployment. By the end of his administration, he could claim an increase of nearly eight million jobs and a decrease in the budget deficit, measured in percentage of the gross national product. Unfortunately, inflation and interest rates were at near record highs, and efforts to reduce them caused a short recession.”

Sound familiar? Although he failed miserably, he created jobs and worked on the deficit. These are almost identical talking points we heard from Biden during his “State of Delusion” delivered earlier this month.

History revisionists will tell you that Carter’s presidency was “unremarkable” or “undistinguished,” but hundreds of millions of Americans went broke and hungry under his leadership. It was a terrible time in America, resembling our lives now.

Starting with oil, Carter created such a dependency on foreign oil that when the OPEC Embargo hit, the entire country came to a near-grinding halt. According to the book, “Carter’s Energy Insecurity: The Political Economy of Coal in the 1970s,

“His conservation program introduced higher oil taxes in order to discourage the oil consumption. However, Americans were not prepared to “drastically change their consumption patterns overnight” or wear sweaters to offset the heating as President Carter demanded.”

Coincidentally, Biden has done the same thing with oil and energy. Like Carter, Biden has not considered economic factors when placing massive regulations on cars, energy, and more. Although Americans were already suffering during the first half of the pandemic, it didn’t stop Biden from implementing “feel good” policies that drove prices up and crippled the American buying power.

Inflation, rising interest rates, food costs, supply shortages, and Americans becoming poorer are all synonymous with both Presidencies. All with a forceful attempt to make America see the failures through rose-colored glasses.

Oddly today’s Russian American relations mirror those during Carter’s time in office. Similarly, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan like its current ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Through his lack of response, Carter allowed 52 Americans to be taken hostage by Iran. Last year, Biden surrendered the country of Afghanistan to the Taliban, who then murdered and raped the non-supporters of their reign. A group that will undoubtedly continue to terrorize the world.

In his four years, Carter was responsible for record inflation, crippling the economy, decimating oil and energy production, rising prices, supply shortages, and complete international turmoil with the Soviet Union and the Middle East. The only difference between Carter and Biden is that it took Carter four years; Biden is moving at record speed and is nearly there in two years.

Jimmy Carter’s presidency should act as a reminder that sweeping “feel good” policy combined with ideals that don’t fit within the American household only cause complete failure. A lesson learned by most but missed by President Biden. Putting actual governance, “for the people by the people,” second to a personal ideology only leads to corruption, failing systems, and financially stunted Americans.

We are seeing history repeat itself. We will see worsening international relations as the Russia-Ukraine conflict rages on. Gas remains higher than ever, and we will continue to feel the pain at the pump. Our oil reserves are depleted, and prices will not go down. China is moving aggressively to expand throughout the South China Sea. Things are firming up to be identical to Biden’s term as it was for Carter.

However, if history repeats itself, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As Jimmy Carter destroyed the country for his own personal gain, Ronald Reagan rolled onto the scene. With the country’s success at heart, the conservative Christian resonated with Americans so much that he destroyed Carter’s reelection bid. Immediately Reagan rolled back the Carter ideals turned policy, and Americans felt at home again. Their dollar went further, their savings got healthier, and their jobs got safer.

So many Americans on both sides treat Reagan’s arrival into the oval office as the second coming of Christ because it was as close to it as it gets. The entire country was in shambles, desperate for a leader who was one of them and understood them. Reagan answered those prayers.

As always, there is good news and bad news. The excellent news is Biden is continuing to destroy America with Un-American ideals and horrific economic policy, which will force Americans to rally around the next Reagan-like candidate. The bad news is that Biden continues to destroy America with Un-American ideals and horrific economic policy, forcing Americans to dip into their savings, run up their credit cards, and struggle to feed their families.

We must not give up hope that our conservative, Christian, and American salvation will be on the scene shortly. Here’s praying for history to repeat itself.

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