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Five universities that offer Plan-B vending machines on campus post-Dobbs


Campus Reform routinely tracks the activity of liberal professors, students, and campus organizations on social media. Here are five times universities have and continue to provide “Plan B”, or “morning-after” pills in vending machines after the overturn of Roe v. Wade last summer.

5. Miami University Students for Life criticize the implementation of Plan B contraceptive vending machines on campus

On Mar. 2, Miami University Students for Life took to Instagram to issue a statement criticizing the university for its plan to install vending machines that would use student money to provide Plan B. The Ohio club emphasized the risk these vending machines pose, pointing to the harm the pill can have on the unborn baby’s life, the woman’s elevated risk of breast cancer, and the potential for vending machines providing the pill to contribute to “the sexual assault culture on campus.”

4. Planned Parenthood celebrates victory at University of Florida for voting to put Plan B vending machines on their campus


Florida’s Planned Parenthood posted on social media soon after the overturn of Roe last summer celebrating UF student government’s vote to install Plan B vending machines, claiming that “their efforts to expand access to sexual health resources was [sic] successful.” Planned Parenthood ends its post questioning why anyone would think emergency contraception in vending machines is a big deal.

3. Northeastern University student org throws party celebrating their Plan B vending machine

NU SHARE, a student organization at Northeastern in Boston that focuses on “sexual health advocacy,” celebrated the launch of its contraceptive vending machine on Jan. 4 with games, crafts, a photo booth, and giveaways. The latter included a sex toy and STI testing kits. The event was billed as a “Wellness Vending Machine Launch Party”.

2. Student Center at George Washington University provides Plan B next to Tylenol and tampons

Student government leaders at George Washington University decided to fight back against the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health by installing a vending machine that provides emergency contraception alongside headache medicine and tampons. The vending machine, installed in January, lurks in the basement of the Student Center.

1. California State University, Northridge group excitedly announces re-stock of morning-after pills


In December of 2022, CSUN’s Women’s Research & Resource Center, which is supported by the school’s College of Humanities and Associated Students, posted on Instagram announcing that the school’s emergency contraceptive-providing “Wellness Vending Machine” had been restocked.

“We know that Plan B has the potential for serious long-term effects when misused,” a representative of Students for Life at Miami University told Campus Reform. “Aside from our main issue with this [vending machine] initiative, which is that Plan B has the potential to end human life (see levonorgestrel’s third line of defense), we anticipate the unsupervised, unlimited, reduced-cost access to Plan B as a concern for abuse.”

“To ignore the research that has been done on the effects of long-term use is irresponsible,” the representative continued, “because it impacts the lives of our students.”

Campus Reform has contacted all relevant parties for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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