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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trans activists attempt to prevent Michael Knowles from speaking at UBuffalo


Michael Knowles, a member of The Daily Wire news team, recently spoke at the University of Buffalo (UB) in New York on the topic of feminism. The event sparked a protest by hundreds of students.

UB student protesters showed their disdain for Knowles’ presence by lighting up a campus building with a rainbow flag and hosting pro-LGBTQ events during his visit, as seen in footage obtained by Campus Reform and additional videos avaliable on Twitter.

[embedded content]

Knowles’ March 9 speech, dubbed ‘How Radical Feminism Destroys Women (and Everything Else)’ was hosted by UB’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter.

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Many students arrived with signs that read “hate speech ≠ hate speech” and “protect trans kids.” Students were also recorded booed throughout the event.

A few protestors made their way into the speech and started to chant “trans lives matter.”

Protesters were removed by security after the chanting began.

A UB student who was present at the Knowles’ event and who has requested to remain anonymous revealed the protest contained “at least 200 students.”

“Overall, the university security did an amazing job at keeping this event well organized and as for the school I’m glad that the university’s president proceeded with the event to take place on campus even though thousands of students, staff and a couple of professors made petitions to kick [Knowles] off campus,” the student told Campus Reform.

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The student also revealed that UB implemented multiple measures to support those who were against the event, such as aiding in displaying a pride flag on a campus building.

Campus Reform also obtained video of an event planned last minute that began at the conclusion of Knowles’ speech.

Buitron said, “after the [Knowles] event the school had a LGBTQ dance party in the Student Union with a DJ and dinner.”

“The [protesters] were flipping people off, shouting ‘sinners and fascists'” at the conclusion of the event, the student said.

Campus Reform reached out to every individual and institution mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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