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Pro-abortion students throw eggs and jello at display honoring aborted children


William Biagini, Campus Reform

On Apr. 12, abortion advocates at the University of Arizona (UArizona) defaced a pro-life display on campus by throwing eggs and jello at banners displaying aborted and dismembered children.

The display was co-organized by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and the UArizona College Republicans.

Footage shared on Twitter by Arizona House representative Austin Smith clearly depicts several students hurling eggs at the graphic banners.

Images and video shared by College Republicans United on Twitter show that the banners had messages such as “Step Executing the Innocent” and “This Moral Wrong Should Never Be a Constitutional Right.”

Other messages included “Genocide Victims are Denied Rights of Personhood” and “Dehumanization – A Universal Component of Genocide.”

According to the Daily Wire, three of the pro-life activists were hit by the eggs.

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Campus Reform obtained a screenshot of a post-event Instagram story posted by Student Body President Patrick Robles in opposition to the display itself, rather than its vandalization.

Referring to abortions within quotation marks, Robles said in the story that the “WGRC [Women & Gender Resource Center] will be available for support and referrals. We’ll be offering drop in counseling with CAPS & Survivor Advocates.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be on the mall with some crafts and treats!” he added.


The University of Arizona Hillel also posted an Instagram announcement outright condemning the pro-life display while mentioning nothing of those who attacked and defaced it.

“We are aware of the horrifying and hateful Nazi & Holocaust imagery currently in a terrible anti-abortion display on the mall,” it reads. “We have written to senior admin to express our dismay and trauma and will keep you posted.”

A photo from the event obtained by Campus Reform shows two pro-abortion students holding signs reading “ABORT Old White Dogs NOW!!!” and “I twerk 4 abortion.”


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Alton Zhang, President of the University of Arizona College Republicans, provided the following club statement to Campus Reform: “Here at the UofA College Republicans United, we’re dedicated to upholding free speech on campus, trying to start important conversations. Evidently, this wasn’t taken so well by the far left on campus. They threw eggs, screamed at us, tried to cover our displays with blankets, and attempted to get our club kicked off campus.”

Campus Reform obtained photos of these leftist students attempting to cover up the pro-life banners with large blankets propped up with poles.


The club statement provided by Zhang concluded, “[W]e will not be intimidated by the woke mob, and will continue fighting for what is right.”

Campus Reform contacted every university, organization, and individual mentioned. This article will be updated accordingly.

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Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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