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‘The Morning after I left Fox News …’ Glenn Beck has advice for Tucker AND a generous offer


Glenn Beck has been outspoken and supportive of his good friend Tucker Carlson after Carlson’s abrupt and shocking departure from Fox News on Monday. In a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, Beck put his thoughts into words:

1. The Morning after I left #FoxNews was the most exciting and frightening day of my career. Even though by the end of the week we would have 300k subs – only MLB had a live streaming network and everyone said it couldn’t be done .. (cont)#TuckerCarlson
2. I knew a time was coming when the network would need talent more than talent needed them, but 2011 wasn’t it … yet. 12 years later, I am guessing that #tucker feels much like I did. Yet his timing is perfect. (Con’t)
3. #Tucker, everything will work for His benefit. You are too smart to legitimately worry. Millions are standing behind you. I am one of them. What you choose to do next could make all the difference in our country’s next chapter. I can’t wait to see what you do.

4. And for those who suggest #tuckerattheBlaze, YES. We are all for it. We have the money and experience plus, Blaze has zero content interference, we have partners not employees and together, corrupt DC/Pharma/Military/Banking/EDU would need asbestos suits, as the Fire of Righteousness would be an epic Blaze.

Shortly after the termination that stunned America was announced, Beck said that the decision made by the network would “kill Fox News.” Here is his reaction to the news as it went down:

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