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My take on Tucker: Carlson emerges an unwavering hero with profound rally cry for truth


My Fellow Americans,

Tucker Carlson’s first public statement after parting ways with Fox News is nothing short of profound.

In less than five minutes he identified the two driving forces behind America’s political and moral decline: A political system that behaves like a “one-party” apparatus and the failed and corrupt legacy media institution that focuses on sensationalism. That sensationalism, which is dispensed twenty-four hours a day across multiple media platforms, doesn’t serve the citizens of this country, nor the world with honest debate. Instead, it offers us a variety of targets, scoundrels, and villains who represent narratives that keep this nation divided among ideological and values fault-lines.

What Tucker laid bare, is that transparent, and honest debate has been suppressed and censored by this corrupt alliance between the political and media infrastructure. Those who stand up against this un-holy alliance are often held up to ridicule, and public smearing. Their reputations are dishonestly attacked, often by the very journalists who have been entrusted, by our Constitution with the gift of free speech in the hopes they would provide needed check and balance on the awesome power of government be it local, state, or federal.

Think about this. Recently there were reports from an IRS whistleblower, that America’s Attorney General may have been involved in unfairly suppressing a real investigation of potentially criminal behavior by a son of the President of the United States. This news went unreported in the major legacy newspapers, and television news outlets. As a result Americans who trust those sources are completely unaware of this story.

We also learned on the same day that the nation’s Secretary of State played a key role in assembling powerful members of America’s intelligence community to openly lie to the America public about so called “Russian disinformation” and the President’s son right before the 2016 Presidential elections. This again, largely unreported by the legacy media.

Tucker Carlson’s calling out the lack of true debate for the major issues of our time – “war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power and natural resources” is a clarion call for every American who wants this country to return to a nation that is the light of the world – to get involved. To demand more – from our media outlets and from our political class.

One of this nation’s leading newspapers recently reported on the plight of a 94-year-old woman, with dementia who was thrown onto the street because the health-care facility that was providing care for her rejected her government health insurance. This frighteningly immoral behavior is indictive of the major health care crisis that so many of our nation’s seniors find themselves in while both parties ignore that and so many other issues that have real consequence for the quality of life in this country.

Many of us are in total disbelief over the printing of money by the Federal Reserve, which is devaluing any “trust” in the entire financial stability of this nation. Yet – we are treated to “debates” over “debt-ceilings” without either party addressing the underlying debt and rampant out of control spending that threatens to bankrupt our country.

The lack of transparency and honesty surrounding so many aspects of the covid pandemic, from origin to politicized medical protocols have undermined public trust in a way that is incalculable.

The lack of honest debate about other matters of science from biological and gender issues to our nation’s food supply are stunning. We recently had a hazardous train wreck in Ohio and with the entire world watching the nation and residents of that community were lied to brazenly and openly about the dangers they faced.

The very media journalists that brand Tucker Carlson as some sort of evil “white supremist” for discussing the massive demographic changes, in large part due to out-of-control illegal immigration, say he is promoting “The Great Replacement Theory.” Yet they ignore their own forecast that for decades gleefully reported that a “Browning of America” was occurring, that would result in white Americans becoming a racial minority.

Tucker Carlson is profoundly right. Our legacy media is corrupt, dishonest, and broken. Our political class is corrupt, dishonest, and broken. The truth about the issues that matter to the quality of life of Americans – and the fate of our nation itself are largely ignored or under-reported.

We are a nation with many millions of “good” people who bear no malice or ill toward their fellow citizens. We deserve a media and political class that reflects those values. And Tucker Carlson has emerged – and an unwavering, transparent hero for those people, in his “relentless pursuit of the truth.” We await his return to this nation’s airwaves in whatever form he chooses to make that happen.

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