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TPUSA members harassed by library staff after advertising pro-life event


On May 1, members of Turning Point USA at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) were using washable chalk outside Pollak Library’s main entrance to advertise a pro-life event. The chalk was subsequently washed off and members were harassed by library staff.

Marcos Zelada-Rodas, president of the TPUSA chapter, alleges that certain library staff members exited the front doors of the library and one of them shouted, “Get this bull*hit out of here, we will just keep washing it off.”

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He subsequently confronted the two library staff members about the vandalism inside the library, documented in video posted to Instagram and Twitter.

“We left you alone,” one library staff member says in the video, to which Zelada-Rodas replies, “No you didn’t, you washed it off. It’s a public space, and we’re students chartered through the university … either way, it’s a free speech zone.”

“Then you wanna come out here saying ‘bullsh*t this, bullsh*t that.’ What type of professional does that?” he continued.

The staff member said in defense, “Whenever we put any sort of university advertisement up, we have to get it approved by admin.”

“Fantastic, all our posters are approved. And chalking on the sidewalk doesn’t need approval,” replied Zelada-Rodas.

The staff member then claimed that it was her “right” to wash off the chalk because it was in a public space.

“But you work for the university, and that’s the problem,” Zelada-Rodas rejoined.

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Zelada-Rodas offered his perspective on the events to Campus Reform.

“As a student organization at Cal State Fullerton we work closely with the university to ensure we are following policy and regulations regarding free speech and expression,” said Zelada-Rodas. “The University has no free speech zone and no policy restricting the use of washable chalk on public areas of the University.”

California State University, Fullerton, has not responded to comments requested by Campus Reform.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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