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Military losses in the Russia-Ukraine conflict – Infographics


Losses of personnel and equipment continue to rise ahead of a long-awaited counteroffensive by Ukraine to recapture Russian-occupied territory.

Military Losses In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict - Infographics

As of February, the U.S. estimated that Russia had suffered 189,500 to 223,000 casualties, including 35,500 to 43,000 killed in action, according to a leaked Pentagon document. The same document estimated that Ukraine had suffered 124,500 to 131,000 casualties, with 15,500 to 17,500 killed in action.

In terms of equipment, the two sides have lost a combined total of more than 13,000 weapon platforms, according to open-source data.

This includes more than 2,000 tanks, 4,000 armoured vehicles and 1,000 artillery piece

Republished with permission from TIPP Insights

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  1. And all for what, exactly?

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