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2,500+ sign petition to hold Republican students ‘accountable’ for daring to screen Matt Walsh film


Campus Reform, Elaine Gunthorpe

The Kent State University (KSU) College Republicans (CRs) recently became the center of controversy and criticism due to an event they hosted in March screening the film “What is a Woman?

In the documentary, Matt Walsh, conservative commentator at the Daily Wire, “fearlessly questions the logic behind a gender ideology movement that has taken aim at women and children,” according to the film website.

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In an Instagram post, the CRs advertised the event by painting a rock yellow with the question written in black, “What is a woman?”

The message on the rock was subsequently spray-painted over with teal, pink, and white paint with the words “trans rights” written below.

In response to the screening of the film, Marina DiFranco created a petition calling for the CRs to be “held accountable for their actions” and for the university to “ensure that all student organizations are respectful and inclusive toward all students.”

[T]his student organization has been using its platform to encourage discrimination and hate crimes against LGBTQ+ students and women,” DiFranco asserted. “The group has posted flyers promoting the documentary around campus, specifically targeting the LGBTQ+ center.”

The petition ended up garnering over 2,500 signatures.

Despite the petition and other pushback, however, the event still occurred successfully.

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Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties listed in this article and will update accordingly.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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