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Who is really president? Hint, it’s not crooked Joe


Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Yes, Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States and enjoys all the benefits of the office, including travel on Air Force One and Secret Service protection. He assumed the office after a controversial and contested election employing a “basement” campaign strategy with few events and media interviews.

Since his inauguration, his mental and physical condition has seriously deteriorated. With his declining health, it is inconceivable that Joe Biden can serve as President until he is 86 years old. However, when asked about his age and the concerns of Americans, Biden usually says “watch me.”

Yes, we are watching and that is why millions of Americans are horrified about a physically weakened and mentally incompetent President continuing in the most important office in the world.

All Americans can clearly see there is something wrong with Biden. A recent NBC News poll showed that an astounding 68% of all voters “have concerns about Biden having the necessary mental and physical health” to serve as President of the United States. Among all poll respondents, 55% attest that their concerns about Biden’s condition are “major.”

The evidence of his problems is plain for every American to see. Biden often seems lost after finishing speeches and needs help exiting the stage. In a recent MSNBC interview, he bizarrely walked away before the host could end the segment.

His stories about his background and family life are so preposterous that Americans know he is lying. Whether Biden believes these whoppers or not is a legitimate question since he has a long history of telling outright lies and committing plagiarism.

However, occasionally, the truth will emerge, and Biden will make a curious comment. For example, he will claim that he cannot answer questions or mention something because he is worried about being scolded by a mysterious individual or group.

At a recent speech to the League of Conservation Voters, Biden talked about building a “railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean” Of course, this was another misstatement for it referred to building a railroad across the continent of Africa. Biden concluded his remarks by claiming, “I could go on, but I’m not. I’m going off script. I’m going to get in trouble.”

No wonder Biden’s staff does not want him going “off script.” When he does, the results can be ugly. Outside the White House while briefing talking with reporters, before leaving on Marine One, Biden screamed “No” when asked about his involvement in his son’s shady business deals.

This is why Biden conducts few press conferences and when he does submit to questions, he calls on a list of pre-approved reporters his staff has prepared.

Isn’t Joe Biden the President of the United States? If so, why is he worried about getting “in trouble?” Who has this kind of influence over the most powerful person in the world?

As Tucker Carlson stated in a 2022 Sky News Australia interview, Biden is “merely a proxy for the people…running the U.S. government. The faceless diabolical figures that are driving us into the abyss … they’ve benefited greatly from having a senile president.”

Who are the “diabolical figures” who control Joe Biden? One of the most influential is the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. She is the one who initially vouched for his health as a 2020 presidential candidate. She is the one who continually whispers in his ear what to say and guides him off stage and through crowds at events. She must be giving him some type of care when the cameras are off. Without her approval, Biden would be dismissed as unfit for the presidency, so her role is huge.

On the political side, one figure looms large, Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Obama and Biden had lunch at the White House. At a fundraiser in New York, Biden joked that when he hears Hail to the Chief, he looks around for Obama. At the same event, he admitted that Obama had been “helping out a lot.”

Obama had his key aide, Susan Rice, ensconced in a key White House position for the first two years of the Biden presidency. As he attempts to run for re-election, Biden will be relying even more on Obama.

Unlike Biden, Obama is still physically and mentally active. He is still incredibly involved in political issues and wants to see the far-left agenda implemented. He knows that if Donald Trump is elected again as President, his legacy will be further destroyed.

In a December 2020 CBS interview, Obama revealed his preference for a “third term” in which he would be in control in his “basement,” but his lackey would wear an “earpiece” and “deliver the lines” written by Obama.

Unfortunately for Obama, Biden cannot “deliver the lines” very well, but he sure can follow orders.

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