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Bud Light down 28%, tries again with grown men grunting – hilarious glitch makes for mocktastic fun


Bud Light is trying again, as their sales continue to plummet.  Releasing a 15 second commercial Sunday featuring Kansas City Tight End, Travis Kelce, grunting while sitting down next to a man cracking open a Bud Light.

Bud Light continues to miss the mark in the backlash aftermath of the transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

Folks aren’t having it:

The attempt to bring Bud Light back to the masculine masses seems to be hurting Travis Kelce, with many fans calling him “woke.”

In the 15 second ad, Kelce doesn’t even touch the beer, which is noted by his fans. This is a hilarious “glitch” that they thought people would not notice?

Bud Light seems to be trying to play both sides.  The company continued with its Pride month programming despite being rejected by its demographic of blue collar Americans and seems to be courting the LGBTQ+ community.  Whether or not this attempt at reeling back in their “frat boy” demographic works, only time will tell.  If Twitter is any indicator, this is another fail for Bud Light.

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