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Tucker Carlson dishes live with Russell Brand: ‘I don’t know why I was fired’


Tucker Carlson gave his first live post-Fox interview today with feisty comedian/podcaster Russell Brand.

After notching several episodes of Tucker on Twitter, Carlson sat down with Brand to discuss the network that dropped him, Donald Trump, Ukraine, RFK Jr and other pressing topics of the day.

Within the first minutes, Brand and Carlson exchanged a barrage of niceties, obscenities, and mutual admiration before Brand got the obvious question about Fox News out of the way, asking Carlson about being fired unexpectedly.

Carlson expressed surprise at the shocking move by his former employer. “I don’t know why I was fired. I really don’t,” he said. “I’m not mad about it.”

Once again, Carlson comes off as a genuine, sincere, man who just happened to become someone who knows how to deliver the news in his own unique way.

About the 2024 election and the upcoming primaries, Carlson indicated a reluctance to pontificate.

“I’m not a very astute political analyst,” he said, adding that he doesn’t plan to talk about the Republican primary.

“Where are you on Donald Trump now…?” Brand asked.

“I love Trump. Personally,” Carlson said, a point he has made clear in the past.

Describing the former president’s opposition to the war in Ukraine, he said Trump is “the only one” publicly taking that stand on Ukraine and he admires him for that.

On Elon Musk and his new show, Tucker on Twitter, Carlson reconfirms, “He’s paid me zero money.”

It doesn’t appear that Tucker Carlson will be holding anything back in the future. His exit from Fox News could be the best thing that ever happened to him — and this country.

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