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NY Times photog reports Joe Biden wearing Sketchers with no socks


Social media went into a meltdown after New York Times photographer, Doug Mills, noted on his twitter page that President Biden wasn’t wearing any socks with his Skechers as he boarded Air Force One headed for the NATO summit.

There were hundreds of comments to the post, with many defending the president’s choice to don the breathable shoes without socks.

Twitter screenshot

Screenshot twitter

While most posts supported the president, others mocked the New York Times for mentioning the president’s fashion choice at all.

Screenshot twitter

Biden was heading out on a three-nation trip culminating at a NATO summit in Lithuania, which is aimed at showing support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, while still not accepting Kyiv as a member of the alliance.

He will be heading to London, England where he will meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunakto, and then he will head to Windsor Castle where he will meet with King Charles.

Biden will then travel to Vilnius, Lithuania, and hold talks with NATO leaders there. Biden and our allies aim to show solidarity for Ukraine.


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