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CNN’s Kaitlan Collins makes case for booting white men from US military, under her terms


Screenshot Twitter Kaitlan Collins and Senator Tuberville

CNN host, and famous argumentative Trump Town Hall emcee, Kaitlan Collins, was at it again in an interview with Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

CNN, and other progressive media outlets seem to be irreversibly obsessed with white-supremacy and incapable of distinguishing actual white supremacists from white people, particularly Trump supporters, who have been labeled by the president of the United States, extremists as well as white-supremacists.

Just another example of playing identity politics:

The responses on Twitter regarding the interview are divided, much like the nation.

The disgraced Brian Stelter tweeted out in support of Kaitlan:

Mike Glover pointed out the MSM trend of labeling recent minority ‘mass shooters’ as white-supremacists, the most recent being a black male, whose online profile had him identifying as a woman:

Neither side of this debate seems to be moving the needle, with the country deeply divided politically.  The progressive left’s tendency to use identity politics to manipulate the narrative shows no sign of letting up.

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