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Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t ‘feel safe’ so she flees to South America, where she’s likely unsafe


Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney has traveled to Peru, where she says she “feels safe,” as the backlash continues from her partnership with Bud Light.

The transgender influencer, who documented her “365 days of girlhood,”  which offended many biological women with her posting of gross female stereotypes, said she traveled to Peru to ‘feel something.’  Says it was sad she had to ‘leave her country to feel safe.”

Mulvaney returned to social media in April after a short hiatus.

In her recent TikTok video, posting from Machu Picchu she says since she arrived in Peru, she has done ‘shaman ceremonies that were like 10 years worth of therapy.”

A lot of folks on Twitter were mostly worried about her safety.  While the country does not recognize same-sex marriage, it does allow people to change their genders without surgery.

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

Mulvaney admitted that she has started to miss some home comforts.

“I am dying for some Trader Joes rolled chili lime chips but other than that I am so content,” she lamented. “Most of all this trip has me feeling like my own best friend again. And that is the best feeling in the world.”






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