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Tucker’s raw interview with Andrew Tate: ‘Anyone who doesn’t understand that should shut the f**k up’


Tucker Carlson sat down for a two hour long interview with controversial, former kickboxer and influencer Andrew Tate.

Knowing how polarizing Tate is, he asks listeners to hear Tate and make up their own minds about him.

Carlson opened the interview with a monologue highlighting the increasing emasculation of American men.

“What would it be like to find yourself the subject of that experiment, as a boy trying to become a man during the Biden years?  Well, you might kill yourself. Many have. You might decide to reject your own manhood and embrace androgyny or even switch sexes. ‘Girls are better?’ ‘Fine, I’ll become one.’ Or more likely, you might simply withdraw into porn and weed and video games and give up on your life before it’s begun.”

Carlson flew to Romania, where Tate is on house arrest, being held on criminal charges, to hear Tate’s view on masculinity, and multiple other topics.

Tate is facing human trafficking, rape and criminal gang charges.  He told Carlson that he and his brother, Tristan, are accused of “mak[ing] girls do TikTok [videos]” to then steal the money those TikTok videos earn. He said he spent 92 days in a Romanian jail, but that he did not initially know why he was being held.

Libs and Tucker critics on Twitter were aghast, though not everyone was critical.

Carlson gives plenty of opportunity for people to make up their own minds about Andrew Tate in the two-hour interview.  The twitter-verse is likely to stay divided and liberal heads will be exploding everywhere as a result of this latest episode of “Tucker on Twitter.”  Decide for yourself.


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