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Geraldo Rivera trolls Fox News with ‘the View’ appearance: ‘Will I be angry and bitter?’


Geraldo Rivera, recently retired Fox News Host, took to twitter to ruminate on how he is going to approach his scheduled appearance on The View today, asking himself, “Will I be angry and bitter?”

“Heading back into New York — another epic occasion,” began in his post. “I’ll be doing The View on ABC at 11:00 tomorrow morning, Thursday morning. Right now, I’m off the coast of West Hampton Beach — it’s a lovely day — the ocean is still relatively flat, still a little bumpy.”

Rivera first posted from the sea at the end of June, when he relayed that he had been fired from The Five, which prompted him to quit the network after 23 years. He was often the only liberal voice on the popular Fox News show.

Making his final appearance on the morning show, Fox & Friends, Rivera took the opportunity to talk about his 50-year career, noting that it began with the help of affirmative action, which was shot down in a June 29th decision by the Supreme Court.

Lamenting in his sea faring post, Rivera pontificated, “Will I be resigned to my future? Will I know what my future holds? It’s a very exciting time to be doing The View because, the day before, I still don’t know the answers to the questions — the life questions that I’m posing.”

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