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Biden trips on stairs again. Did White House leak tough-guy bully story to shift geriatric narrative?


The White House may have leaked the Biden bully story to shift the current pervasive geriatric narrative.

On Megyn Kelly‘s show, one of her guests, Michael Knowles, a conservative political commentator, claimed that the White House deliberately leaked allegations that Biden’s a foul-mouthed bully to make him look like less of a ‘vegetable.’

Knowles and Kelly spoke about the recent report claiming that the 80-year-old president has a temper and that he yells at staff and shouts obscenities, noting how a potty-mouthed, angry Biden makes him look stronger as opposed to the senile old man, tripping up stairs and wandering aimlessly on stages, that many critics claim he is.

The team over at RNC Research were very busy while Biden was overseas.  They compiled plenty of video of our president being super awkward.  In this video in particular, he kind of looks like grandpa at Thanksgiving, not sure who is in attendance or where to sit.

The Twitterverse had plenty to say:

Andrea E

Tiffanie Tx

USA4ever Tweet

Megyn Kelly asked Knowles the key question, ‘So how do you counter the narrative that we all see with our own eyes.’

‘I think its BS [bulls**t]. I think it’s out there so people don’t think that the man is being held up by marionette strings.’

Perhaps many Americans have forgotten what the United States President is supposed to look like at home and abroad.

Leaking stories about Biden being a foul mouthed, cantankerous, ill tempered, old Washington blowhard won’t rescue him from what everyone’s “lying eyes” can see.

Biden is a far cry from these days:

Trey Trump


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