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Geraldo goes on The View to throw mud on former Fox News colleagues – one in particular


Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera revealed to the women of The View that it was a ‘very toxic relationship’ with a co-host on The Five that preceded his departure from the network after having been there for 23 years.

In his first post-Fox appearance, Rivera told The View that he was in a ‘very toxic relationship’ with one of his male co-hosts, but did not reveal the name.  He claimed the network executives always ‘favored’ the co-host after their on-air disputes.

‘I thought that it was very unfair that I was not judged objectively in our disputes, but rather he was always favored and I was the one I was suspended, you know, three times.’

Rivera often got into heated debates with Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld on the panel show, however Watters recorded a personal message for him which was featured during his sendoff.

While Rivera spoke highly of many of his former Fox colleagues, praising their journalistic work and how he was treated on his way out, he condemned the network for its coverage of the 2020 election and post-January 6 coverage.   He heavily criticized former Fox heavyweight Tucker Carlson, saying he will ‘never forgive’ him ‘for what he did about January 6.’

While he complimented Carlson as an excellent writer and ‘charismatic in his presentation,’ he said that he ultimately drifted into ‘murky’ waters when he began peddling ‘conspiracy theories’ about January 6.

After Carlson’s unexpected April departure, Rivera tweeted: ‘I don’t wish ill on anybody, but there is no doubt – as I said at the time – Tucker Carlson’s perverse January 6 conspiracy theory was “b******t.”

Rivera said that ‘Fox had a moral crisis after the election,’ and added that there was no place left for him at the network.  Even though he had a year-and-a-half left on his contract, he believed his ‘ideology [did] not fit Fox.’

As for his own departure, Rivera explained that he got a call from two female Fox executives who told him he was being fired from The Five, but that they could fit him in elsewhere on the network.

He told executives that if they were firing him from the network’s top performing show that he would quit, saying, ‘that’s ‘basically what happened.’

Rivera’s departure from the network was announced on June 29.


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