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Hunter sends Trump a ‘cease and desist’ letter to stop the mean tweets: ‘not a false alarm’


An attorney for Hunter Biden sent a cease-and-desist letter on Thursday to former President Donald Trump’s legal team, claiming that Trump’s mean tweets on social media and elsewhere “could lead to [Hunter Biden’s] or his family’s injury,” according to an ABC report.

One of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, Abbe Lowell, used as evidence that Trump is capable of inciting violence, a Tweet he sent out, which Lowell suggests in turn lead up to the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots in 2021 according to the letter.

Ed Krassenstein has some of the letter posted on his Twitter:

The attorney made mention of the hammer attack in October, on former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband, at their home, and last month’s arrest of a man found with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition near the D.C. home of former President Barack Obama.

“This is not a false alarm,” Lowell wrote. “We are just one such social media message away from another incident, and you should make clear to Mr. Trump — if you have not done so already — that Mr. Trump’s words have caused harm in the past and threaten to do so again if he does not stop.”

Lowell also criticized Trump for suggesting that the cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House may have belonged to Hunter Biden, a recovering drug addict who has gone public with his abuse of crack cocaine.

Trump Truth Social screenshot

Regarding putting a stop to the mean tweets, attorney Lowell wrote: “You know, if Mr. Trump does not, that Mr. Biden has neither committed nor been accused of the charges that your client is claiming … and that the Biden family was not at the White House (let alone in the vestibule) in the period when the cocaine was found.”

Lowell added in the letter that Trump’s team “need not respond,” but requested they pass the message on to Trump and let him know “how his incitement can further hurt people and cause himself even more legal trouble,” ABC News reported.

After 11 days, the Secret Service concluded its investigation into the narcotics find without identifying who it may have belonged to, which outraged congressional leaders who were infuriated that authorities could not identify the culprit in one of the most secure buildings in the world.

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