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Daily BS morning mug shots 7-26


Good morning friends and fellow Dittoheads,

Grab another cup of coffee and let’s talk. Here are some overnight news stories and a sampling of what our fellow humans are chatting about on Twitter-X.

Let’s get right to this bombshell. WTF? Someone on Hunter Biden’s legal team called the court and pretended to be on the opposing counsel’s team to get a brief removed on the eve of his plea deal? Seriously, WTF?

Tucker episode 10 is worth watching. Tucker is always worth watching but this one is pretty cool.

OMG! OMG! “If I were the deep state,” NAILS IT! Chilling!

Matt Gaetz: “Talk is cheap. I don’t trust Speaker McCarthy’s word on impeaching Joe Biden.” He’s not a big fan of the speaker. Do you agree with Gaetz on this?

Beyond shameful! A nonprofit stepped in to pay $60,000 to move Marine Corps Sgt Nicole Gee’s remains to Arlington National Cemetery after a Pentagon policy change tried to force one of the 13 Gold Star families who lost their daughter in Afghanistan to pay to ship her body back. EDITOR’s NOTE: More came out on this story and it appears to be a runaway rumor that has been corrected by a DOD spokesperson. (

But Meathead told me Biden was the most accomplished president in 60 years. How could he be so bad at math?

COVID humor. Yes, we are going there.

Gotta love this one. KUDOS to the BOSS camera person!


The White House dog is taking chunks out of humans again. No worries, KJP is on the spin. Listen to this BS:


Kids and pets. Never underestimate them.

Stay positive! Have a great humpday!

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