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Daily BS morning mug shots 7-28



It’s Friday already!

This week flew by — what with the 20-second news cycle of Hunter Biden’s court misconduct and the DOJ protecting Joe Biden, and all. Nothing to see. Just a loving dad and his poor addicted son.

There was a ton of other news this week. Here’s a taste of how it wrapped up:

It’s just a thought, but I’m starting to think KJP has been replaced with an AI version of herself. Just as awkward, but with a hint of robot.

We are not saying anything fishy happened at the Obama residence, but we are not not saying anything fishy happened.

Dude, I was all in until I saw the two watches. What kind of man wears two watches at the same time?


Loved the end of this. Big mouth wants to know why the staff did not step in and help his attempt to humiliate a bunch of teens.

Best abortion and gun argument ever!

Public health “experts” knew the COVID vaccine would not protect against infections. Dare to talk about what happened.

Meanwhile, we are not the only country going mad.

OMG! This was a beautiful and classy takedown.

You burned Trump twice, now impeach Joe, Leo 2.0 tells the Speaker. “Impeach Joe Biden right now! I’m sick and tired of you waiting and talking!”

Oh. It’s on! This is some creepy stuff.

Feeling this poor guy’s pain.

Not sure where this is going, really. Watch out for half-dressed women at the movies this weekend, I guess?

Gonna leave you all with this!

Have a GREAT weekend! Let’s grab a cup of coffee with our neighbors and keep talking out our differences with civility.

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