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Daily BS morning mug shots 8-2


Good morning!

Well, another day, another Trump indictment.

Let’s meet the impartial judge who will be in charge of the new case:

We don’t pay much mind to what Geraldo spews, but this guy has a CLASSIC response. More indictments? He says BRING IT in this MAGA-tastic rant!!

We noticed that someone put poor Hunter’s plight to music:


In the meantime, CNN skipped the entire news cycle of testimony from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner and chose this lie instead:

Here is another fun fact (unverified). This Squad member may have a past about to bite her in the butt. Jimmy went back and looked up his dad’s records and added some more details.

I missed the part in Joy’s biography about strapping herself with guns and going to combat to protect her fellow citizens.

We need each other, duh.

FLASHBACK: Interesting threesome.


We’re out of time. Here’s our therapy pet for today!

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