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Good morning, friends!

There is no rhyme or reason, we just want to share some of the hot news and topics people are discussing today. Please join the conversation in the comments. A great cup of fresh coffee is highly recommended but not a requirement.

Let’s start with an interesting offer the X/Twitter boss made this weekend and the very best response we could find:

It was a bad weekend for “The Turtle.” We don’t condone being rude, but we do feel the pain of these folks.

Tucker had some time on his hands and decided to interview the other Tate brother. We are glad he did.

There was some really eye-opening discussion on how the US and cities like New York have lost the appeal of the uber-wealthy.

“Now you have a billionaire living in New York, or a multi-millionaire living in New York, he’s older, he’s retired,” he said. “But what – he can’t walk the streets at all? He has to stay in his apartment? He needs bodyguards to go to the store, the supermarket. He’s like, why not Dubai?”  Tate goes on to say, “I feel like the dream of the West is dying. What’s the dream? Nice, happy life, beautiful wife, healthy kids, good healthcare, safe, schools are fine, mass crime doesn’t exist, drug use isn’t prevalent.”

We’ve been saying this for years. Sigh.

Not going to argue the merits of the video, but Rosanne’s quote is EXACTLY the stage we are in now, don’t you think?

This is powerful. Very powerful.

For the record, we will always cheer for the USA, but we know exactly why people had no sympathy for this drama queen. Americans remember.

If you need further clarification … BOOM!

Not sure how old this clip is, but it’s one of those that you want to watch over and over. They tried this BS in a small town and found out!

Heavy, but necessary. This is not a situation we can afford to ignore. If lawlessness continues to ramp up in the US with liberals encouraging divisiveness and hate, this could be us. The local press is shrugging, she says. Sound familiar?

This seems like a good use of the First Lady’s time, right?

Speaking of time … we have run out! Stay positive and motivated.

Remember, America doesn’t run on Dunkin, America runs on BS!

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