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Daily BS morning mug shots: 8-8


Good morning.

We hate to start with a negative shot here, but seriously, look at the cold arrogance of this woman. She is supposed to represent the USA. Is this how you want people to see Americans?

Woke up to this early morning tweet from brilliant actor James Woods, who is one of our all-time favorites. It’s mind-blowing if you think about it. Why are the DAs not prosecuting theft? Woods has this theory to ponder.

R&B legend Ne-Yo has officially given me whiplash with his honesty, then apology for honesty, then his explanation about the apology. Dude, get a grip and say what you mean. Here’s the latest version:

A friendly reminder from actor/comedian Rob Schneider:

If you didn’t see the Alabama riverboat brawl blowing up Twitter, you really need to break down and watch it so you can enjoy the hilarious aftermath.

For the record, we are not condoning the violence. It already happened and it has already generated hundreds of fantastic memes and parodies, so let’s just take a step back and laugh at ourselves as human beings. Here’s the version we like:

Here is the original brawl. See the difference?

Has anyone done this in the USA? We could start on the Hill. It’s 100% predictable, yet still surprisingly shocking.

It’s coming. No question.

Good question.

Last, but not least, please enjoy these brief words of encouragement for your day from Rhonda Schrock, America’s small, caffeinated mom!

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