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Rand Paul takes extraordinary step against Anthony Fauci, says he has ‘smoking gun’


Senator Rand Paul has taken the extraordinary step of going to the local U.S. attorney in D.C. to launch a probe and press criminal charges against Tony Fauci.

Paul told Fox & Friends that he doesn’t know of a clearer case of perjury in the history of government testimony and now he’s got a smoking gun. Listen to his morning interview.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a clearer case of perjury in the history of government testimony, and I don’t say that lightly,” Paul said.

“He [Fauci] said adamantly that the government never funded this gain-of-function research. We now have the Government Accountability Office, the GAO, has admitted that the funding came from the NIH. We have the acting director Tabak, of the NIH, admitting it in writing that it came from the NIH.

“But now we have, really, the smoking gun, and that is Fauci in private saying the opposite of what he was saying in public when he was publicly telling me that absolutely, we do not fund gain-of-function research in China. He says privately we are suspicious that the virus has been manipulated and we are suspicious because we know they are doing gain-of-function research. He then goes on to describe the research, and it’s exactly the research that the NIH funded.

“So he’s caught dead to rights here, but we have an incredibly partisan Attorney General Garland, who is refusing to act, so I’ve taken the extraordinary step of actually going to the local U.S. attorney in D.C. to see if he will act. The problem is there are partisans littered throughout the legal system and people are seeing this. You don’t get prosecuted if you’re a Democrat under this administration, no matter what you do.”

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