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Bo Snerdley: Justice denied


For the last year and a half, military prosecutors and defense lawyers for the terrorists involved in the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America have been trying to work out a plea deal.

Now, the Associated Press reports that several families of victims had received letters advising them that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the alleged mastermind of the attacks, and others involved may never face the death penalty under plea agreements that are under consideration.

According to the Associated Press, “The Office of the Chief Prosecutor has been negotiating and is considering entering into pre-trial agreements,” or PTAs, the letter said. It told the families that while no plea agreement “has been finalized, and may never be finalized, it is possible that a PTA, in this case, would remove the possibility of the death penalty.”

It is almost inconceivable that justice will perhaps be denied for the families of those whose lives were taken, in the most deadly and brazen terrorist attack on American soil. Perhaps the thinking is that so much time has passed, that no one other than a few family members will care. Or perhaps this is yet another sign of the “woke” attitudes that have become the fabric of the “new” military leadership. If we really have arrived at the point where “no one cares,”  about the terrorist attacks of 9-11 anymore, then the terrorists who wanted to hurt America have achieved another victory.

You can read more about the agreement and reactions from the families HERE.

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