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Bo Snerdley: The town according to Gump


The luxury retailer Gump has been a fixture in San Francisco for 166 years.  Conditions in the once-beautiful city by the bay have deteriorated so much that it has become questionable if the iconic store will survive much longer. The store owner, John Chachas recently took an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle, in the form of an open letter to Mayor London Breed and Governor Gavin Newsom.

In addition to calling out the Democrat elected officials over “destructive” policies like allowing the city’s homeless population to occupy and defile city streets, and allowing the open use of illegal drugs, the business owner said “such abject disregard for civilized conduct makes San Francisco unlivable for its residents, unsafe for our employees, and welcoming to visitors from around the world.”  Mr. Chachas also took on Covid policies that Newsom and his fellow Democrats bragged about, writing that the ramifications of advising people to abandon their offices are “only beginning to be understood.”

Mr. Chachas is demanding an end to the homeless encampments, and wants law and order restored in the city.

Despite Governor Newsom telling the San Francisco Chronicle last month that he wants to see criminals held to account and promising to crack down on drug dealing, there is little evidence that anything in San Francisco will change for the better in the short term. And it’s not just San Francisco. The “smash and grab” style looting of luxury brand retailers is becoming the new normal in many American cities. The Soros-backed prosecutors who have been elected across American cities continue to let lawbreakers roam the streets to pillage, commit mayhem and violence.

Most of the “old America” looks at what is happening across this nation with a total sense of disbelief and helplessness. We see what Gump sees. Our nation is falling before our eyes – and those whose policies are behind the deterioration offer platitudes and nothing more.

Here’s a look at the store’s history in better times.

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