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Joe Rogan thinks Dems are doing Biden dirty: ‘They want to get rid of him’


Joe Rogan raised eyebrows on Wednesday’s podcast when he floated the theory, Democrats are secretly leaking bad things about President Biden on purpose.

“They want to get rid of him,” Rogan told his guest, former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker.

“I think he wants to run again. And I don’t think the Democrats think that he can win. I think they’re right. And I think they’re going to slowly but surely expose more of these like very clear pieces of evidence of corruption,” Rogan said on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

But the two could not figure out why the mainstream media is still covering for the family’s alleged dirty deeds.

“The $20 million is f**king bananas. The fact that this isn’t all over The New York Times and The Washington Post and mainstream news, that they’re not blaring it from the rooftops because, you know, they would be — if it was Trump,” Rogan continued.

“You would have thought that some enterprising young journalists who understand the importance of objectivity, whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, would have gotten off their ass and really pursued this story,” Baker said. “Cuz it’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning story at the end of the day.”

“How dangerous is it for them?” Rogan asked rhetorically, referring to the years of possible corruption at the highest levels of government.

Circling back to the election, Rogan said, “The only way Biden’s going to win again is ‘Never Trump.’ These ‘Never Trump’ people. There are people that will vote for a fu**ing box of hammers before they would vote for Trump. And that’s a real segment of our population. I don’t know what percentages, but it’s probably fairly high. They have enough trust in the Democratic establishment that they think that the Democrats would figure out a way to run the country better, even with a puppet, than they would with Donald Trump in office.”



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