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Bo Snerdley: Marshall V. Biden


We are now almost eighty years removed from the Nazi inspired horrors that fueled World War II. For many Americans, especially younger generations there is little understanding of the uncertainty that gripped the world during those years, when it seemed possible that the Axis war machine might prevail. There is also little understanding of what took place after the Allies achieved victory and what a monumental task it was to rebuild Europe which had been left in economic and physical shambles after the war.

Although some historians would disagree, the Marshall plan, named after Secretary of State George Marshall, was one of America’s best moments. In addition to providing European allies with a much-needed capital infusion to lift their economies, Marshall overruled policy that would have prevented the flow of aid that would help rebuild war torn Germany.

Although it would be an oversimplification to present our relationship with Europe today as totally harmonious, we are allies in the broadest sense of the term, and our relationship with former World War II enemy Japan is similar.

Now, contrast the Marshall plan in Europe and the results, with the Biden plan in Afghanistan.

While many will question the wisdom of American involvement in that nation after the terrorist attacks in America of 2001, there is no question that Americans provided them with a foundation which could have secured them as an ally in coming decades.

Yet Joe Biden’s plan was to inexplicably withdraw American forces with very little notice, leaving behind American military casualties, American nationals and our Afghan allies to the mercy of the Taliban who now control the nation. In addition – some reports indicate that Biden left upward of 80 billion dollars in American military equipment for the Taliban to use, sell or distribute as they saw fit.

In recent days the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan released a report which has received very little coverage in the pro-Biden legacy media. That report says at least 218 Afghan “partners’ of America have been murdered. In addition to the murders, it details instances of torture and other abuses. Some of these partners were prosecutors, judges, and others who stepped up to help bring their nation into a long overdue era of freedom.

We know from other news reporting, many of the advances that Afghanistan women made, established under the American presence have been reversed. Their freedoms have been erased, and they are now returned to lives of servitude.

This betrayal by Joe Biden is more than “bad policy.”  The Marshall Plan brought hope and prosperity to Europe and the world. It showed the exceptionalism of American ideals and even generations later it continues to bear fruit.

The Biden plan has brought horror, destruction and misery to Afghanistan, and dishonor to America. Joe Biden abandoned our military, and our allies. He has disgraced the nation with his ill-conceived “cut and run” policies. Those policies – like those of Marshall – will continue to bear fruit for decades to come.

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