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Good morning!

Did you watch the debate, or did you watch the big T&T interview? We did a little of both.

Scrolling Twitter this morning to see what everyone is still buzzing about. Here are some samples:

On to the debate…

If you skipped it out of protest against Fox News, we kind of get it, but there were some moments you shouldn’t miss:

Don Jr. and Kimberly showed up as promised. They had some things to say about Fox News.

Speaking of being upset with Fox News…

Unrelated to the debate, this is a hard truth that needs to be said.

A few more non-political attention-grabbers…

Weirdly fascinating useless BS:

A message from yesterday. A reminder of where we are today:


And in other news and commentary …

Everyone stay safe and grounded today. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Let us know your thoughts!

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