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Why was Biden booed? Let me count the ways


Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Stepping out to meet reporters during his latest vacation, President Joe Biden was loudly booed by spectators in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Why was he booed? Maybe it was because of how he has weaponized the justice system to target President Donald Trump and his supporters, such as the January 6th protesters.

It might have been his decision to end our energy independence, declare war on the oil and gas industry, shutdown the Keystone XL pipeline and cause gasoline prices to skyrocket since the end of Trump’s term.

It could relate to his dangerous choice to open the southern border and roll out the welcome mat for millions of illegal immigrants from 160 nations to enter the United States. This could lead to not only economic misery for our country, but also a deadly terrorist attack.

Protestors might have booed him for his horrible decision to hastily withdraw from Afghanistan, leaving Americans and courageous interpreters remaining in a country ruled by a theocratic regime of murderers known as the Taliban. In the process, thirteen of our American military service members were killed and billions of dollars of military equipment were left for the Taliban to use.

Catcalls are deserved for the constant push to force masks and COVID vaccines on the American people. Despite multiple court rulings that such mandates are unconstitutional, Biden continues to saddle Americans with incessant rhetoric about vaccines, masks, and the need to follow their unworkable COVID guidelines. Americans must respond to the next round of COVID mandates by following the resolute mantra: resist, defy and do not comply.

Biden may have been booed because Americans are disgusted with his subservience to communist China and his obsession with the “green agenda.” By forcing Americans to drive electric vehicles and buy electric appliances, costs for the average American will only increase. Additionally, the communist Chinese will be emboldened and given billions of dollars in profits and enormous power over the American people and our economy.

Regarding our economy, Americans have trillions of reasons to heckle Biden. He has increased our federal debt by $5 trillion, while burdening our economy with unworkable and inefficient regulations. Bidenomics is an outright disaster, creating higher inflation, higher interest rates, a decline in real wages, a supply chain crisis, and a banking crisis.

Americans are rightfully booing because our costs for groceries, gasoline and home mortgages are so much higher. Under Biden, the American dream of owning your own home is now out of reach for millions of young couples.

Worthy of the catcalls of Americans are Biden’s future political plans, which are as ludicrous as his promises about the benefits of Bidenomics. He intends to run for another term as President; however, Americans know that he does not possess the mental or physical capabilities to serve in the position now. This charade must end, and Biden must submit to a mental competency test or resign. He is not fit to be the President of the United States and it is obvious to everyone.

The one area that should receive the most boos from Americans involves the decades of corruption committed by Joe Biden and his family. Through influence peddling in countries such as Ukraine and China, Biden has enriched himself and other family members. The evidence House Republican investigators are accumulating regarding crimes committed by the Biden family is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, our country no longer has a justice system that is dependable or fair. It is one-sided and biased. Thus, at the very least, House Republicans should impeach Biden for his corrupt actions as Vice-President.

Boos are deserved for the countless lies Biden has told the American people. These lies date back to his 1988 presidential campaign when he plagiarized speeches from British opposition leader Neil Kinnock and lied about his law school grades.

Today, Biden is repeating lies about everything from how his son Beau died to the extent of a ‘small house fire’ at his Delaware residence. Biden should be booed for having the gall to relate to the wildfire victims in Hawaii by telling a lie about his house fire.

He also should be booed for waiting almost thirteen days to visit Hawaii after the horrific fire, then joking about the “hot ground” where at least 115 victims died and another 388 people remain missing.

Biden should be booed for not visiting the victims of the dangerous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio and for making only one brief and sanitized visit to our open southern border.

He should be jeered for wasting our tax dollars on his salary as he spends 40% of his time on vacation instead of working on behalf of the American people who are struggling because of his horrific policies.

If there was ever a president who deserved to be booed by the American people, it is Joe Biden.

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