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Tucker, Bill O’Reilly stick it to FOX during debate, dish dirt on network that canned them


“It’s debate night but we are not at the Reagan Library.”

Former Fox News Channel giants Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly – arguably the biggest names ever to dominate the network – joined together in an inevitable interview to compare notes on being unexpectedly fired.

“So you got canned exactly six years before I did almost to the day. What was that like and how has life been?” Carlson asked.

Fifty-year industry veteran O’Reilly said that he understood the business well enough to accept that everyone is “expendable,” and he always expected bad things to happen eventually.

“Once the boss at Fox News Roger Ailes left the operation, everything changed,” he said. “When everything changes, anything can happen.”

O’Reilly said he accepted the firing like a car crash. He never asked why he was canned at the top of his game. He simply called his lawyers and moved on, adding that Newscorp fulfilled every contractual obligation to him.

“I don’t think feeling sorry for yourself is a good use of anybody’s time. I accepted the situation, which is the key to life.”

“How did you keep yourself from being bitter?” Carlson asked.

O’Reilly continued into his philosophy on life and the freedom of being his own boss before veering off into multiple other topics with his former colleague.

The timing of the Tucker on X video was predictably ironic. The two giants stuck it to the network by releasing the interview during the second Fox News GOP Presidential debate.

Carlson, who was fired more recently by Fox News, may be working out a different philosophy: “I don’t get mad, I get even.”


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