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Dashcam shows man shot dead at traffic stop tussled with Georgia cop, family calls it murder


Shocking video footage revealed how a man exonerated years ago of a crime was shot to death by a Georgia cop at point-blank range during a traffic stop.

A Camden County sheriff’s deputy shot 53-year-old Leonard Allan Cure on Monday after a chase on 1-95 near the Georgia state line for alleged speeding. Bodycam footage showed the officer pulling Cure over and the unarmed man getting out of his vehicle before the two ended up physically tussling.

Cure had been released from prison in 2020 after serving 16 years. He was exonerated after a wrongful conviction for armed robbery.

“Step out! Get out!'” the officer could be heard yelling as he approached Cure’s vehicle. Cure responded “I ain’t doing s***.” after he was ordered to put his hands behind his back.

“Put your hands behind your back or you’re getting tased. I’m telling you that right now,” the officer ordered, explaining to Cure that he was being arrested for alleged speeding and reckless driving, clocked doing 100mph.

In the arguing that ensued, the officer fired his taser, Cure swung at the cop, and the two engaged in a physical struggle.

It ended tragically when the officer shot Cure, radioing for backup and declaring, “shots fired.”

“Cure was convicted of the 2003 armed robbery of a drug store in Florida´s Dania Beach. He was sentenced to life in prison due to previous convictions for robbery and other crimes,” Daily Mail reported. “In 2020, the Broward State Attorney´s Office new Conviction Review Unit asked a judge to release Cure from prison and cited ‘troubling’ revelations that Cure had solid alibis that were previously disregarded and that no physical evidence or solid witnesses to put him at the scene.”

The shooting of the unarmed Cure left his brother, Wallace Cure stating there was “absolutely no reason why my brother was murdered for a traffic stop.”

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump has been retained by the family.

“We don’t understand why there weren’t more attempts to de-escalate the situation,” Crump said.

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