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‘I’ll slow it down so you understand it’: Bill O’Reilly clashes HARD with fmr. Fox News colleague over House speaker


Former Fox News colleagues Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling know how to throw down in a debate and shake hands when it’s done.

On Bolling’s prime-time Newsmax political show, “Eric Bolling, The Balance,” the two clashed over the new House Speaker, dubbed “MAGA Mike Johnson,” by a gleeful Matt Gaetz, who is currently taking a victory lap over the move to oust former speaker Kevin McCarthy, for a more conservative leader.

O’Reilly made no attempt to hide his displeasure with Gaetz and argued that McCarthy was doing just fine before he was removed. He went on to say that governing is about compromise and that the new crew of “ideologues” would never be able to get it done.

“Bill and I see eye to eye on so many things,” Bolling began, but the two men have extreme differences of opinion on the topic of speaker and it was a testy exchange at times.

Bolling was mostly measured, patiently letting his bullish colleague get his point across, but when he repeatedly pushed back and accused O’Reilly of “siding with the RINOS,” the agitated icon didn’t like it.

O’Reilly took a swing at him, personally,” Look, I’ll make this point again, and I’ll slow it down so you understand it, Bolling. Matt Gaetz would get nothing done if he were Speaker of the House. NOTHING!”

In the end, both media pros ended with respect. Watch the exchange from Newmax:

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