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Reports Mark Meadows wore an FBI wire while working for Trump ‘confirmed’ by some, denied by Meadows


Editor’s Note: Ryan Fournier has since recanted the allegations, claiming that the information he’d received “was wrong and incorrect.” This post was updated with the new information.

Explosive new claims posted on social media alleged that Mark Meadows wore an FBI wire during his time serving as Chief of Staff to then-President Donald Trump.

According to activist and founder of Students for Trump, Ryan Fournier, sources told him the former North Carolina congressman allegedly worked for the FBI as an informant, recording conversations with the president. The bombshell allegations were reportedly confirmed, according to Fournier, who gave more details in a thread on X Thursday. But on Friday, he retracted his claims and named names.

“Allegedly Mark Meadows worked for the FBI as an informant and wore a wire to record all conversations with President Trump, while he was the Chief of Staff to him,” Fournier tweeted. “This is not only unconstitutional, but it’s criminal. This is the government we live with. It’s up to us to change that.”

“I’ve received confirmation from multiple members of Congress and Confidential Informants that this is true,” he continued.

“Not only have I received calls from current members of Congress, I received calls from media, who know that I know about this information. I’ve received calls from former members of Congress, who have also explained the same thing to me,” he wrote, adding that this is “worse than Watergate” and will mean the end of the FBI.

The incendiary claims sparked an emphatic response from a spokesman for Meadows.

Meadows has been charged with Trump and 17 others for allegedly trying to overturn the election results in Georgia. Though he has not been charged in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal case against the former president, he was reportedly granted immunity and provided information to the grand jury in March.

The collective jaw-drop on social media after Fournier’s bombshell confirmed that the allegation, if true, needed follow-up.

On Friday, Fournier told his one million followers on X that there could be “some dark forces behind the scenes” trying to get at Meadows and apologized for “not being 100% accurate”  in his reporting.


In follow-up responses, Fournier gave more details about his sources

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