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Trump saying, ‘you’re a loser’ if you thought he’d get Mexico to pay for wall is certified BS


Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign team took a cheap shot at former President Donald Trump that sparked waves of reactions on social media, with very few taking the time to actually listen to the alleged insult of his supporters.

“Trump says you’re a loser if you expected him to get Mexico to pay for ‘a piece of the wall,'” the DeSantis War Room tweeted on Sunday with an accompanying clip of Trump speaking about his efforts as president to deal with Mexico over the border issue.

The clip and its dig set off a stampede on X where users bashed Trump and huffed about being insulted as a “loser.” The reactions online were a dream come true for the DeSantis team as Trump was slammed as a traitor to his base and the video was shared repeatedly.

But somewhere in the cacophony online, some users were calling out the DeSantis team for the out-of-context clip and for not actually following what Trump was saying.

“So with all those losers out there that say ‘Trump never got the – ‘ you remember I used to say Mexico would pay for a piece of the wall…I’d say the wall gets higher. We all had a lot of fun, but I said Mexico will pay for a piece of the wall,” Trump said in the clip.

“But there was no legal instrument to do that,” he added as the clip ended.

Many X users who actually watched the portion used in the DeSantis tweet were able to follow Trump’s train of thought and what he actually said. Many began to push back on the deceptive attack, noting Trump’s original border wall promises and the fact that he was not calling his supporters losers but those who mocked his promises and doubted his threats.

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