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Hunter Biden’s pathetic op-ed claims Republicans are putting other addicts at risk by attacking him


Hunter Biden unloaded about his past addictions in an opinion piece that offered no apologies but took aim at those who are running a “vile and sustained disinformation campaign” about his family.

The son of President Joe Biden described having a bottle of vodka a day “and as many hits on a crack pipe as possible” in the op-ed published Thursday in USA Today. He decried his addiction being “weaponized” against his father as his past business dealings continue to come under scrutiny by Republicans, but many noticed how the younger Biden seemed to be deflecting in his wordy tome, using his battle with drugs and alcohol as a shield.

The 53-year-old wrote that his struggles and mistakes “have been fodder” against his father and “an all-out annihilation of my reputation through high-pitched but fruitless congressional investigations.”

“I am not a victim. By any standard, I grew up with privilege and opportunity, and fully accept that the choices and mistakes I made are mine, and I am accountable for them and will continue to be,” he admitted.

“What troubles me is the demonization of addiction, of human frailty, using me as its avatar and the devastating consequences it has for the millions struggling with addiction,” he continued, seeming to suggest vilification of his past will negatively impact other addicts on their road to recovery. “The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what may await them if they do.”

He went on to name names in the listing of critics, lawmakers, media personalities and news outlets, as being part of an ongoing campaign against him, claiming, “It is already a near-impossible decision for addicts to get sober, and the avalanche of negativity and assault of my personal privacy may only make it harder for those considering it..”

“After what I have gone through since my brother died in 2015, and the perpetual public humiliation of me, I am now certain I can survive anything (except a drink or a drug),” he added.

The op-ed generated a barrage of comments on social media where many, like George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley questioned the claims.

Turley noted that although Hunter Biden “was legitimately struggling with addiction,” this “is not a reason to end the investigations that he dismisses and it is not a defense for corrupt practices by himself and his family.”

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