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College tuba player punches out obnoxious football fan, while continuing to play – he never missed a beat


A college football game between Texas Southern and Jackson State this weekend saw some eye-popping action in the bleachers when the Texas Southern band’s tuba player threw several punches to a heckler’s face.

The angry band member warned the man confronting him, with a drink in hand, to ‘f**k off, b***h.’

The rest of the details are unclear, with some commenters saying the heckler was upset after being spit on.

There is no report on whether charges were pressed or if any injuries were sustained, but the clip appears to be going viral due to the tuba player’s ability to keep playing as he punched the guy in the face multiple times.

NOT condoning violence, but those are some mad skills, brother. Watch the video via the Daily Mail:

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