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‘Leftist sons of b**ches, be afraid!’ Giants like Tucker, Trump ,Musk celebrate Argentina’s firebrand new president’s VICTORY


Former President Donald Trump has given a nod of approval to Argentina’s newly elected president who has vowed to “drain the swamp.”

In a stunning election victory Sunday, Javier Milei defeated Sergio Massa, the Economy Minister, becoming the world’s first libertarian head of state and getting the attention of Trump who congratulated him on Truth Social.

Reactions poured in across social media with many celebrating the win with sentiments echoing that of commentatory Ian Miles Cheong who tweeted, “Leftist sons of b*tches, be afraid!”

“With 99.3% of the votes counted, Milei stood at 55.7% versus 44.3% for Massa. While Massa won the vote-rich province of Buenos Aires by a little over 1%, Milei won the city proper of Buenos Aires, and then crushed Massa in the vote-rich northern provinces of Cordoba, Santa Fe, and Mendoza,” Fox News reported.

“Despite concerns over Milei’s temperament, his lack of experience in government, and his penchant for Trump-like outbursts, the nation’s 45 million people have spoken clearly in favor of the latter option,” the outlet noted of the Liberty Advances party candidate who decisively beat his opponent, the establishment’s center-left candidate.

“Today begins the reconstruction of Argentina. Today begins the end of Argentina’s decline,” Milei told a cheering crowd in his victory speech in Buenos Aires.

“The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no way back,” he added. “Argentina will return to its place in the world that it should never have lost. We are going to work shoulder-to-shoulder with all nations of the free world, to help build a better world.”

The new president came to power as an outsider, building an unstoppable momentum with his passionate calls for reforms in a nation with 140% inflation and with 40% of the population living below the poverty line, according to Fox News.

Trump took to his social media platform to congratulate the man frequently compared to him.

“Congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for President of Argentina. The whole world was watching! I am very proud of you. You will turn your Country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

In another post, the former president shared a photo of Milei behind the Gadsden flag declaring, Don’t Tread On Me.

Argentinians celebrated Milei’s win in the streets while his opponent’s supporters had a decidedly different reaction.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and others joined in the congratulations on social media.

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