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THE SCROLL: Test question accuses Israel of ‘pinkwashing’


”The Scroll” is Campus Reform’s serial coverage of social media postings and debates that relate to liberal bias in higher education. 

An image said to be from the Toronto Metropolitan University shows an online exam question accusing the state of Israel of “using gay rights as a distraction” from the struggle of Palestinians.

The multiple choice question shown is a prompt to select an example of the concept of “pinkwashing.”

The presumably ‘correct’ answer offers the example of “The state of Israel using gay rights as a distraction from Palestinian human rights questions.”

Dictionary.com defines ‘pinkwashing’ as a “critical term used to refer to the practice of attempting to benefit from purported support for LGBTQ+ rights, often as a way to profit or to distract from a separate agenda.”

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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