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Tucker # 41 – Steve Bannon and the POWDERKEG about to happen in the U.S.


Former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon spoke at length with Tucker Carlson in the latest episode of “Tucker on X,” where the topic of discussion was the rioting in Dublin, Ireland following a stabbing last week.

Bannon warned that what is happening in Ireland, which he described as a “powderkeg” will soon be happening in the U.S.

Carlson introduced the matter which saw mass protests as reactions unfolded to the news of five people – including three children – being stabbed outside a school allegedly by an Algerian immigrant, whom Carlson noted has been living in Ireland for 23 years at “public dispense.”

“Many people in Ireland are absolutely sick of this – it’s happening by design,” the former Fox News host said. “That country has been completely transformed by immigration – it’s not the Ireland you remember at all – and going forward, anyone who complains about that or questions government policy will be guilty of a felony. New hate speech laws are coming to Ireland – no complaining about it. And of course, it’s not just Ireland, it’s across the West.”

Bannon noted how the corrupt political class and the immigrants pouring into the country have led to a “national blowback” among Ireland’s citizens.

“Ireland is probably one of the worst – if not the worst – because the political class has totally sold out the people,” he told Carlson. “The Irish politicians are by far the worst that are bought off by the EU. They’re the biggest globalists, they’ve sold off the sovereignty of the Irish – and you’re seeing a national blowback. You’re seeing it among working-class people in the cities – Irish nationals, Irish citizens whose family has been there for generations, and generations, and generations and have nothing to show for it – and also in the rural communities.”

“And so Ireland is a powderkeg,” Bannon added.

Former UFC fighter Conor McGregor, among others, has been calling for the government to act, and to lay out a plan of action to prevent another tragedy. Notably, as Bannon explained, this has put the 35-year-old Irish professional mixed martial artist at odds with authorities.

Bannon warned that the way McGregor and others are being “demonized” for speaking out the truth and being critical of the current state of affairs will be something that is being seen in the U.S. as well.

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  1. We are already seeing that. Any talk of muslims being terrorists and your branded a islamophobe. The muslim leaders are right out there telling you they are going to take over and bring their laws to the USA, and yet we are not to speak of this because it’s misinformation! 1984 is here people ! Wake the hell up!!! Join “ Act for America!” The muslim organization CAIR is a organization to overthrow our country! People wake up!!

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